Important Date: Saturday January 15th, 2011 Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) Program Opens to 200 New Participants

January 11th, 2011

January 15th, 2011

CHP Registration Opens For Spring 2011 SessionOn Saturday January 15th, 2011 the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) designation program will open for registration to a limited group of just 200 additional participants.

The CHP designation is the industry standard #1 most popular hedge fund training and certification program that is provided for and by hedge fund professionals. The CHP program is provided by the 40,000 member Hedge Fund Group (HFG), the largest and most well known networking association in the hedge fund industry.

Since the CHP program is provided 100% online you can complete it along with the examination from anywhere in the world as long as you have a secure and consistent internet connection.

Here are three pages of our site to help you learn more about the program:

1) Our Job Placement Services for CHP Participants:

2) Our Benefits Page:

3) Our 220+ Participant Quotes Page:

If you have any questions at all about registration, tuition, or how the program works please see our very detailed website at ttp://, or you may reach us at (212) 729-5067 or by email at

- Richard

Richard Wilson
(212) 729-5067
Hedge Fund Group (HFG)

“The CHP designation is a great program to educate new employees who and join our hedge fund down the road.”

- Tom Jordan, President of TCJ Capital

“The CHP curriculum is a great place for people within or entering the industry to gain a fundamental foundation on the history, structure, and concept of the Hedge Fund Industry with freedom of time allocation and limited cost.”

- Jeffrey Ziglar | Vice President of Hedge Fund Strategies at Goldman Sachs and Co.

“The course subjects allows you to develop an in-depth understanding of the portfolio analytics methods and measures which are constantly evolving. The organizers were able to accommodate to my unique request and prompt to resolve issues encountered.”

- Majieb Zain | Trader at Barclays Bank Plc

Private Equity List

August 5th, 2010

Private Equity List

Private Equity Firms List in Excel Format

private equity list

Part of our team runs the largest private equity networking association in the industry and they just finished updating Version 2.1 of our Private Equity Directory.  This resource was created after our team received dozens of emails from industry professionals looking for lists of  private equity firms, digital family office databases, and excel-based family office directories.

This Private Equity Directory is Excel-based and provides full contact details of private equity firms including the following information:

  • Contact names
  • Job titles
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Physical addresses
  • Website URLs.

If you are interested in learning more about this private equity list, getting a sample of our private equity directory or contacting the creators please see Private Equity You may also navigate this same site by following one of the links below:

This directory is updated twice a year and when you purchase a copy of it you will get free updates to it for a period of 12 months after your purchase.

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Fund of Funds Directory

August 5th, 2010

Directory of Fund of Funds in Excel

fund of funds directory

Part of our team runs the largest hedge fund networking association in the industry and they have just finished updating a new version of our Fund of Funds Directory.  This resource was created after our team received dozens of emails from industry professionals looking for lists of fund of funds, digital fund of fund databases, and excel-based hedge fund of fund directories.

This Fund of Funds Directory is Excel-based and provides full contact details of private equity firms including the following information:

  • Contact names
  • Job titles
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Physical addresses
  • Website URLs.

If you are interested in learning more about this resource, getting a sample of our fund of funds directory or contacting the creators please see Fund of Funds You may also navigate this same site by following one of the links below:

This directory of hedge fund of funds contact details is updated twice a year and when you purchase a copy of it you will get free updates to it for a period of 12 months after your purchase.

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Private Equity Directory: Excel Based Directory of Private Equity Firms

July 22nd, 2010

Private Equity Directory

Directory List of Private Equity Firms

private equity directory

Part of our team runs the largest private equity networking association in the industry and they just finished updating Version 2.1 of our Private Equity Directory.  This resource was created after our team received dozens of emails from industry professionals looking for lists of private equity firms, digital family office databases, and excel-based family office directories.

This Private Equity Directory is Excel-based and provides full contact details of private equity firms including the following information:

  • Contact names
  • Job titles
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Physical addresses
  • Website URLs.

If you are interested in learning more about this resource, getting a sample of our private equity directory or contacting the creators please see Private Equity You may also navigate this same site by following one of the links below:

This directory is updated twice a year and when you purchase a copy of it you will get free updates to it for a period of 12 months after your purchase.

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Start A Hedge Fund

March 10th, 2010

Start A Hedge Fund

Concise Guide on How to Start a Hedge Fund

start a hedge fund

I have advised and worked with over 400 hedge fund startups of all different strategies and geographical locations and we have identified capital raising strategies, best practices, and the most common mistakes made by emerging hedge fund managers.

We have captured our consulting advice and over 100 hedge fund startup lessons within our e-book, “Start A Hedge Fund Now.”

Within This Book You Will Receive:

  • An open transcript of an interview with an established hedge fund manager who provides advice on what he learned while launching his hedge fund
  • A detailed break-down of the types of service proivders and business parnters you will need to work with within your hedge fund business
  • Direct capital raising consulting advice on how to raise capital for a new hedge fund business
  • The Top 10 Common $10,000 mistakes often made every day by new hedge funds and our advice on how to avoid these mistakes
  • A guide to writing your hedge fund business plan
  • Strategies on how to upgrade the pedigree, credentials, and education of your team
  • 17 direct lessons from successful fast growing hedge fund businesses that you can use within your new hedge fund

This E-Book PDF Also Provides You With:

  • Guides to understanding, interviewing, and selecting prime brokers, incubation programs, administrators, third party marketers, formation attorneys, and compliance consultants
  • Dense and Concise 35 pages of pure hedge fund startup advice that won’t take you all year to read and put to use
  • Email marketing best practices to employ while speaking to potential investors
  • Why many hedge fund marketing tactics waste time and money and a breakdown on what these top 10 capital raising mistakes are so you may avoid them in your business
  • Section-by-Section instructions and tips for creating your PowerPoint pitch book that is expected or required to raise capital from every type of investor

To purchase this e-book which represents around $3,000 worth of hedge fund startup consulting advice for $17 please visit


Kenneth Nodes, President of HillStone Capital Managment, LLC “Thanks for letting me read your e-book. The information was both timely and useful. We are in the process of setting our new fund and where able to plainly see the areas that we needed to focus more attention on. This book is both straight forward and pertinent to anyone looking to setup a fund.”

Robert Donnelly, Managing Partner of JDS Global Partners, LLC “Start a Hedge Fund Now is an incredible value, well worth the money, and the time. I have spent hours upon hours reading material on starting a hedge fund. This book took me less than an hour to read, and got 10 times the value compared to other sources. Richard Wilson truly knows about the challenges and mistakes that are made starting a hedge fund, and has provided an incredibly valuable guide to being successful.”

Anmol Chattha, Trader, “This book should be required reading for everyone from the start up hedge fund manager to the experienced hedge fund veteran. The information is presented in a very condensed and detailed manner with multiple insider perspectives on the industry.”

Douglas MacLean, Armor Compliance“Great insight into various facets of the hedge fund industry. Provides helpful guidance to start-up managers about how to operate and not operate their hedge funds.

Ron Jacob, Managing Partner of JDS Global Partners, LLC “this is a must read for any entrepreneur looking to get started in the world of hedge funds. The information you provided was invaluable and something most people only learn through mistakes. Thanks for steering us in the right direction!”

Note: Above are quotes from professionals who have read our e-book over the past few months. Please note that the first six professionals listed were sent a free copy of the e-book to review but were not compensated in any way or rewarded for providing us with positive feedback. All testimonials may be verified or certified by any part by emailing us at

To buy this e-book for $17 please visit

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Copywriting for Capital Raising

January 20th, 2010

Copywriting for Capital Raising

This short video below explains why copywriting is so important and why ignoring this area can kill your progress towards raising more capital for your hedge fund.  Below is a definition of copywriting for those of you new to the subject, and if you are reading this via rss or email you will need to click here to view the embedded video on our website.

Definition of Copywriting:  The strategic use of the right words within sales letters, websites and presentations to influence others to take action.

Top 10 Fund Marketing Mistakes

December 6th, 2009

Top 10 Fund Marketing Mistakes

Our team provides over 1,600 funds a year with capital raising advice, resources and products. Our team has also helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars in capital as well. Through these two sources of experience we see many of the same fund marketing mistakes made over and over again.

If you can avoid these mistakes you will be more effective than 80% of your competitors in the marketplace.

Top 10 Fund Marketing Mistakes:

  1. Mistake #1:  You have a 3 month capital raising goal.  This is un-realistic and the wrong mindset to go out of the gates with. You need to plan, build relationships, educate potential clients, and design high quality marketing strategies and materials for the long term. It takes time to raise lots of capital and usually the more valuable the investor, the longer the sales cycle. Don’t try to cram everything into a 1-3 month capital raise.
  2. Mistake #2:  Counting on simply building a track record and then hoping to outsource all marketing to a great third party marketing firm down the road.  This puts all of your eggs into the third party marketing basket. Third party marketers have hundreds of potential clients approach them each year, it is risky to assume one will not only take you on as a client but actually raise a sustainable level of capital for you.
  3. Mistake #3: Spending $8,000 on graphic design and website design but $0 on hiring someone who is an expert at sales letter construction, writing copy, and creating headlines and taglines for your positioning in the marketplace that will be effective.  Many times I see fund managers that want to look very professional but there is no meat in what they are saying, or hook to draw in the reader.
  4. Mistake #4:  Not dedicating resources to capital raising is the most obvious mistake that I see in the industry. Many fund managers will act as the CIO, make 2-3 phone calls a week or sometimes per month and then wonder why they have not raised more capital.  Performance does NOT market itself, pedigree does NOT swing all doors wide open.  You need to have dedicated resources, an internal marketing resource working at least 20 hours/week, investor databases so you can spend your time calling on real prospects instead of always having to qualify them, and have a growing internal CRM or IRM system in place to track this investment in investor relationships.
  5. Mistake #5:  Speaking at conferences full of your closest competitors instead of your highest value potential investors.
  6. Mistake #6: Under-estimating the value of a first name basis relationship with your top investor prospects.  Some professionals, especially those with technical backgrounds think that marketing is a numbers game. Yes, you have to sometimes reach out to many to develop relationships with few but relationships is at the core of everything that gets done.  Like Gitomer says, “all things equal people like to do business with friends, all things being unequal people still like to do business with friends.”
  7. Mistake #7: Another capital raising mistake I see in the fund management space is a lack of capital raising training or fund marketing instruction.  You do not have to pay to have your marketing staff trained but at the very least you should document your own best practices, processes, investor pipeline development plans so they can be easily communicated to team members, board members and then constantly improved each quarter.
  8. Mistake #8:  Missing the boat on authority positioning, educational forms of marketing, and improving their own pedigree standing within the industry.
  9. Mistake #9: Writing off PR: Most managers shy away from or completely ignore public relations as an avenue for helping create interest and positioning for experts on their team.  Many funds have now successfully employed the media to spread messages about their fund.
  10. Mistake #10:  A mistake that I see 90%+ funds doing today is using a boring, run of the milll Unique Selling Proposition (USP), or worse yet, not having one at all.

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Additional Industry Websites

November 10th, 2009
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Fund Administration Cow Paths

November 4th, 2009

I recently heard Eben Pagan speak in LA at a marketing conference on how business is typically conducted.  I was reminded of that talk while I was in Boston last week for our Hedge Fund Premium networking event (which was great).

The streets in Boston were actually old cow paths that the city decided to just pave over to create the roads of the city.  The result, is a very complicated maze of one way streets which really only make sense to the most veteran cab drivers.  This is not the cows fault they simply walked typically in the direction of least resistance.  The point here is that nobody stepped back and looked at where the cows had wandered and asked if there was a better way to get the project done…they simply followed where cows had walked in the past.

Pagan’s point in telling this story was that in every business, every form of marketing and even within the hedge fund business there are cow paths everywhere.  Are you and your business wandering around on cow paths of what others have done in the past, or are you building a super highway straight towards your goal?

Areas to examine for fund administrators and fund managers could including hiring, capital raising, employee management, performance reporting, transparency, governance, and investor relations.  Our team now often steps back and looks at competitors, other industries, and steps to the work we are trying to complete to see if there is a more direct or efficient way of completing it.  Hope this story helps.
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Prime Brokerage Services

October 27th, 2009

TradeStation Prime Services: Advanced technology and a multi-custodian offering gives TradeStation the ability to serve clients as both start-ups and as larger, well established funds. Launching and running a fund is challenging and TradeStation offers the framework of practical knowledge that evolves with your business. TradeStation Prime Services: technology,vision and service. Learn more at


Lance Baraker, Senior Managing Director at or by calling (917) 273-4185 (New York Office)

William Katts, Senior Managing Director at or by calling (203) 685-20145 (New York Office)

Boston Hedge Fund Event

October 25th, 2009

Our next networking event is coming up quickly, this Thursday we are hosting 3 speakers for short 15 minute discussions on hedge fund compliance, capital raising strategies, and pending regulations. We will then have 1 hour and 15 minutes of open networking time with food and drinks provided to attendees.

What: Hedge Fund Group and Hedge Fund Premium are hosting a seminar networking event in downtown Boston.

When: Thursday October 29th, 2009 6-8PM EST

Location: U Mass Club in downtown Boston at 225 Franklin Street, 33rd Floor Boston, MA 02110.

Sponsors: Malik Law Group & Armor Compliance

Entrance Fee: Waived, our sponsors have covered the costs of this event and not entrance fee will be required for this Boston event.


Tanya L. Goins, Malik Law Group: Harvard Alumna, Tanya L. Goins, Esq., of Malik Law Group comes back to Boston to speak about recent regulatory and industry developments affecting hedge fund managers.

Richard Wilson, Hedge Fund Group: Richard will speak about copywriting capital raising, how fund
managers can write more effective sales letters and improve their email marketing.

Douglas F. MacLean, Armor Compliance: Douglas will speak about the Private Fund Investment Advisers Registration Act of 2009, which will soon require hedge fund managers managing more than $30 million to register under the Investment Advisers Act, appoint a chief compliance officer and implement a compliance manual.

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William Edwards Deming

October 15th, 2009

One person who has affected me in business has been William Edward Deming.  He has a quote that says “If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you are doing”

I think this also goes along with another popular business quotes “What gets documented gets improved”

Most investment funds and family offices that I have worked with do not have an investor cultivation process or pipeline drawn out as a process. They do not have their ongoing investor communication strategy documented, and in many places the only documentation of their investment process is at a very high level within their marketing materials.  I think many hedge funds, portfolio managers and capital raisers could benefit from using PowerPoint or a free program such as Bubbl to document their processes.

This documenting of critical processes takes little time and costs nothing to do but allows you to step back from the process and evaluate it, improve it, or delegate where appropriate.  Our firm recently used Bubbl and PowerPoint together to describe a business process we were completing ourselves and we were able to not only use this internally but also externally as we trained a third party that we decided to outsource some of this work to.

The processes I have found to be valuable to document are:

  • Investor Acquisition Process
  • Current Investor Communication Strategy
  • Hiring New Employees
  • Managing your portfolio on an ongoing basis

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The Secret of Hedge Funds

October 13th, 2009

A few days ago I recorded a short video on the future of hedge funds, it centered around how hedge funds will always be around and always do very well because of their secret weapon: innovation.  Hedge Funds now invest in real estate, oil, securities, and even other hedge funds.  The entrepreneurial nature of the industry globally has develop their core strength of diverse strategies that rewards them for high performance.  It was humorous to read headlines about “The Death of Hedge Funds” because they are so quick to adapt and fit to survive any economic recession or fraud event.

What we are seeing now is a further evolution of what some hedge fund managers are charging their clients. In the past the 2 and 20 formula was different enough from long only fund fees that investors were eager to become involved.  Now after the recent crisis hedge funds are gaining assets again but many investors are worried about liquidity and poor absolute return scenarios.

Some hedge funds are addressing this through allowing investors to clawback performance fees charged in prior years if performance is not sustained.  In some cases hedge funds, such as Hermes BPK Partners are placing percentages of performance fees that are paid out over 2-3 years if positive performance keeps up.

I see this as a long-term trend and believe that eventually managers will have a percentage of their incentive fees paid out over 5 and 7 years periods of continued positive experience because that is what investors really want and innovation is what hedge funds are all about.

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Chicago Hedge Fund Event

September 4th, 2009

Seminar Networking Event: Hedge Fund Premium and the Hedge Fund Group are offering a seminar networking event for hedge fund managers and CTA funds on September 16th, 2009. The event will run from 5PM - 8PM EST in the Blue Room at the W Hotel in Chicago, IL.

At this networking event Bilal Malik from the Malik Law Group and Richard Wilson from the Hedge Fund Group will be speaking on industry regulations and capital raising best practices. The 2 educational talks will last 20 minutes and will be followed by 2 hours of open networking time where fund managers may meet with others in the industry.

Admission is $25 at the door, or free if you are a registered member of Hedge Fund The W Hotel is located at: 172 West Adam Street Chicago, IL 60603 (Please see the RSVP form below for a local area Google Map of the location).

Pictures: Here are some pictures of where the event will be held:

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Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP)

September 2nd, 2009

In 2007 the Hedge Fund Group started developing a professional training and certification program for professionals who work with hedge funds. This project began after realizing that all other programs were designed for risk or analyst professionals and none of these fit the learning objectives we had sought.

In 2008 we opened the doors to our hedge fund training and certification program for the first time, we had just under 100 participants. In 2009 so far we have had over 385 participants join the Certified Hedge Fund Professional (CHP) Program, and we expect to close down registration to new members as we reach the 400th new member this month.

Many hedge fund managers have heard about our program and even participated in it, but delivering a clear message about our objectives, structure and team to an industry of over 150,000 professionals can be a challenge. Below is a short summary of the CHP Designation, what participants learn, and how it is being improved:

Mission: The mission of the CHP Designation is to grow our globally recognized training and certification program into the trusted #1 source of educational for hedge fund professionals.

Structure: The CHP Program is split into two levels, much like an M.B.A. program. Level 1 of the CHP program lets you learn about hedge fund fundamentals and basics while Level 2 allows you to specialize within one area of their choice, including Portfolio Analytics, Marketing & Sales or Due Diligence.

Delivery: Participants complete the program by reading the required books, watching our premium video content available through (free to CHP members), and using our CHP Study Guide. Participants may also contact our team for career advice, resume editing or networking advice.

Limitations: The CHP Program does not substitute for any licensing or legal registration requirements. The program is limited to an exclusive set of 200 professionals during each of the two sessions which are held each year.

We have spent over 2,000 hours working on this program, improving it, incorporating feedback and adding video content. If you have any feedback as a potential, current or past participant please email us directly at

To learn more please see

Berkshire Hathaway’ s Holdings

August 14th, 2009

This is a recent update on the some of the new positions taken by the Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Buffett has increased his stake in Health care and pharma sector at the same time reduced exposure by selling some of his holdings in the energy sector.

Billionaire investor Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Inc. took a stake in Becton Dickinson & Co., the seller of syringes and laboratory equipment, in the second quarter as shares gained.

Buffett, who is Berkshire’s chairman and chief executive officer, last week disclosed the sale of some of Berkshire’s ConocoPhillips shares in the quarter, and said the firm had divested an undisclosed number since June 30. Berkshire said today that the size of the stake had fallen 9.5 percent in the quarter. Buffett’s firm remains the oil producer’s second- largest shareholder, according to Bloomberg data.

Berkshire had also previously disclosed the sale of its stake in Constellation Energy Group Inc. Berkshire’s MidAmerican Energy Holdings Co. acquired the shares last year as part of a termination package when Constellation broke an agreement to sell itself to Buffett’s firm for $4.7 billion.

To read more click here.To read more about the tracker profile of Berkshire Hathaway Inc please click here

Hedge Funds Performance

August 14th, 2009

The markets are in recovering mode and here is the statistics about how the various hedge fund investment strategies have performed in the last few months. The recent galloping in the equity markets and better corporate earnings has certainly had positive impact on the hedge funds performance.

Long-only hedge fund strategies posted the best returns of the asset class in July as global stock markets continued their upward trend, according to data in a report published by Lipper Global on Tuesday. As the industry looks to repair itself following last year’s heavy losses and record redemptions, these new figures will give more ammunition to market watchers who claim that the industry is on the road to recovery.

The data from the Thomson Reuters company showed that long-only hedge funds posting a 4.75 percent return for the month, building on gains of 14.34 percent for the year-to-date.

According to the recent reports released ahead of Lipper’s monthly Hedge Fund Insight Report, which is due at the end of August, showed that all hedge fund strategies posted a positive performance last month, with long/short equity and multi strategies both giving returns of 0.81 percent. Short bias strategies made a 0.40 percent return, boosted by profitable short sale strategies in the first half of the month, Lipper data showed.

The market is already looking for the next macro catalyst to drive market direction; there are a still a number of risks of market correction. The other hedge fund strategies which performed well were, options arbitrage performed strongly in July, with returns of 0.88 percent. Event-driven was the worst-performer, posting a 0.19 percent return.

Hedge Funds on a Buying Spree

August 13th, 2009


The recent surge in the stock markets has been because of the of ongoing positive sentiments in the global markets. The comments from Nobel laureate Paul Krugman and other experts saying that markets have touched the bottom and it cannot go down further triggered the markets. More importantly Hedge funds have started to take positions in stocks which they see would generate value in next few years.

Paulson’s new positions

The stocks in U.S gained for a second day after investor John Paulson’s hedge fund bought stakes in banks and Wal-Mart Stores Inc. reported better-than-estimated earnings, overshadowing an unexpected slump in retail sales. Bank of America Corp. and Regions Financial Corp. rallied after Paulson’s firm said it purchased stakes. Wal-Mart , the largest retailer, added 2.7 percent. Alcoa Inc., the largest U.S. aluminum producer, climbed as metals rose. The market’s gain was limited by reports showing sales at retailers dropped for the first time in three months and jobless claims topped forecasts, while analyst downgrades weighed on homebuilders.

Bank of America surged 6.7 percent to $17, the biggest advance in the Dow. Paulson’s hedge fund bought 168 million shares of the company in the second quarter, a regulatory filing showed, becoming the lender’s fourth-largest shareholder.

Regions Financial Corp. rallied 7.9 percent to $5.20 after Paulson bought 35 million shares, becoming the second-largest stakeholder in Alabama’s biggest bank. Financial shares rallied 1.3 percent as a group.

Paulson’s interest in banks comes after his Credit Opportunities Fund soared almost six fold in 2007 on bets that subprime mortgages would plummet. Last year, his flagship fund returned 37 percent, compared with a loss of 19 percent for hedge funds on average.

Click here to read more

Rise of Commodities

August 7th, 2009

The commodities market are all set to take the center stage with government pumping stimulus packages across the globe it seems demand for it may rise because of the multiplier’s effect. This is an article about how commodities are going to perform and below mentioned are some views of the experts

Commodities from oil to copper are poised to climb as government spending worldwide spurs a recovery in demand and companies curtail investment in mines and rigs, said Deutsche Bank AG’s Simon Grenfell.

“We’re building up to have a really strong price move” over the next two years, Grenfell, head of Asian commodities for Germany’s biggest lender, said in an interview yesterday in Singapore. The risk of a “super-spike” has increased, he said, expressing his own opinion.

Commodities jumped 15 percent this year after slumping 36 percent in 2008, their biggest decline in half a century based on the Reuters/Jefferies CRB Index, because of the global recession. This year, gasoline and copper doubled on signs the worst is past for the economy and as China increased inventories of crude oil and industrial metals.

The world economy will grow 2.5 percent in 2010, more than the 1.9 percent forecast in April, after shrinking 1.4 percent this year, according to the International Monetary Fund. China expanded 7.9 percent in the second quarter, the first time growth had accelerated in more than two years.

Please click here to learn more.

Hedge Fund Networking Events

August 3rd, 2009

We have scheduled 4 networking events for this fall and winter, these are events being put on by the Hedge Fund Group, and they are open to everyone who is a member of Hedge Fund Premium which opens for registration on August 10th, 2009.

At each networking event there will be 20-40 minutes of educational speeches on capital raising and hedge fund operations and then drinks and appetizers for a few hours worth of networking with local professionals. In the past we have had at least 100 participants at each of these events.

Networking Events Schedule:

  • Chicago: 9.3.09
  • Boston: 10.29.09
  • New York: 11.2.09
  • Dallas: 12.3.09

For locations of each event please see the Networking Events area within Hedge Fund Premium.

Hedge Fund Premium is an exclusive version of the Hedge Fund Group providing valuable tools related to hedge funds. Our mission is to provide premium networking events, videos and resources within a constantly updated platform which allows us to provides consistent value to our members.m Registration for Hedge Fund Premium opens on August 10th, 2009. Learn more at

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Risk Management tools used in the Hedge Fund world

July 30th, 2009

Institutional investors with more than $200 billion plus assets have invested in hedge funds and are using Risk Metrics’ to monitor the risks associated with their investments. These investors, including pension funds, sovereign wealth funds and fund of hedge funds, account for almost 20% of assets under management in the hedge fund industry.

These buy side investors can use Hedge platform community to access tailor made risk reports from Risk Metrics and aggregate position-based risk information across their hedge fund portfolios. Moreover, the hedge funds are invited to provide this information to Risk Metrics free of charge.

Brian Schmid, head of Risk Metrics Group’s alternative investments business strategy, told Hedge Funds Review over 1,000 hedge funds were eligible to provide information to HPC. He said more than 200 hedge funds representing over $350 billion in assets under management have already signed agreements to participate in HPC.

Risk transparency and reporting are rising up the agenda for institutional investors. According to a survey by EDHEC Risk and Asset Management Research Centre, 92% of investors believe the quality of hedge fund reporting is an important signal of a fund’s overall quality and pivotal for decisions about hedge fund investment.

Institutional investors can use HPC to generate a number of risk reports on their hedge fund investments, including Value at Risk and stress tests. Risk Metrics is working on including liquidity risk reports within the service. In the future, the company said counterparty risk reports could also be added to HPC.


July 29th, 2009

These are four common things that an individual may focus in order to be successful in the investment industry

·      Lack of a trading plan

One should have proper plan in place before stepping into the investment world. Analyze their risk and return profile before making a decision. Moreover, they should also have a clear idea of when they should enter into the markets and exit.

· T Too much leverage

Try to be risk averse and don’t invite yourself into trouble by taking huge leverage positions. It’s was because of extensive leverage LTCM failed to cover up its positions.

· F  Failure to control risk

Have a sound internal auditing and risk management team in place. Constantly focusing on the kind of exposure which a fund or their investment may be exposed too and try back you investments by investing in alternative investment avenues which would have low correlation with the traditional investments

· L  Lack of discipline

Abide and comply by the standards set. Try to focus on the fundamental aspects of the investment you make rather than making a decision based on the insider information ( noise trading).Understanding the know-hows of investments and trading according would eventually end up fruitful.

Hedge Me -Claude Schwab

July 27th, 2009

Hegde Me by Claude Schwab is a brilliant book which provides the reader insights about the hedge fund career in U.S.

Hedge Funds

In the chapter Hedge funds the author explains the following

  • Defines what a hedge fund does
  • Explains the various investment strategies followed by fund houses.
  • Categories the top 25 hedge funds based on the AUM and top 10 hedge fund cities based the equity assets managed
  • Online resources where one can find the recent updates happening in hedge fund industry


The author discusses the qualities which an individual should possess for clearing the first round of interviews. Moreover he explains the reader what kind of positions are available for analysts within the industry and the expertise which the employer would seek.

In addition to that one can also get a glimpse of the questions which one would face in the interview. Do’s and Don’ts which one should follow during an interview. He also pin points the qualities which a fund manager can expect for a specific investment strategy from the candidate.


In this chapter one can find a bunch of recruiters list which would absolutely useful for candidates who are seeking jobs within the industry.


The author presents the reader with copies of resumes starting from a fresher to an experienced candidate. Each resume shown is prepared for a particular kind of investment strategy. So the one can get a clear idea of how one’s resume should look like when applying for those kind of positions.


The following are discussed

  • How stable the career would be and what would be the underlying factors which determine your career
  • Growth opportunities within the industry or what would be the career path of an individual

Compensation Structure

Following are the factors which would determine one’s compensation package:

  • Years of experience
  • Performance of the fund
  • Individual’s performance
  • Assets under management

Berkshire Hathaway Fund Performance

July 23rd, 2009

This is the  update about the Berkshire Hathaway Inc’s  performance for this recent quarter results released and they have earned a profit of $2 Billion with the investments in Goldman Sachs alone.

Warren Buffett’s option to buy shares of Goldman Sachs Group Inc., part of an agreement reached at the depths of the credit crisis, has earned a profit on paper of about $2 billion, a return of more than 40 percent.

Goldman Sachs today passed $162 in New York trading for the first time since rival Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. collapsed in September. Buffett’s Omaha, Nebraska-based Berkshire Hathaway Inc. has warrants to buy $5 billion of Goldman common stock for $115 a share any time in the next four years.

“It must feel good to be Warren Buffett,” said Gerald Martin, a finance professor at American University’s Kogod School of Business in Washington, who has studied the billionaire’s investing history. “That number just flies in the face of people who like to say he’s lost a step.”

The difference between the strike price and the share value translates into a $2.11 billion paper profit for Berkshire. The U.S. government got a 23 percent annualized return for its investment in the firm after an agreement yesterday by the bank to repay $1.1 billion to settle warrants.

Goldman Sachs turned to Buffett in September, agreeing to sell $5 billion in preferred shares paying 10 percent interest, after Lehman’s bankruptcy and the emergency takeover of Merrill Lynch & Co. by Bank of America Corp. Amid the crisis, Goldman earned an explicit endorsement from Buffett, the so-called Oracle of Omaha who is celebrated for his investing savvy.

Click here to read more.To view the SEC 13F analysis , tracker tool analysis and other updates click here

Fund Adminsitrators - Meeting

July 21st, 2009

The SFA Meeting was an opportunity for administrators to share technical, financial and regulatory information pertaining to the management of State Petroleum Cleanup Trust Funds and various issues associated with underground storage tank systems.

The 17th Annual SFA Meeting marked the end of an era. Beginning in the spring of 2009, the SFA Meeting will be integrated into the National Tanks Conference. This change is being made in an effort to organize a conference that more comprehensively addresses the multi-faceted issues related to managing a State Underground Storage Tank program.

To learn more about the meetings click here

Fund Adminstration -Association

July 16th, 2009

This is an article about the association of hedge funds and it discusses about what  benefits which one would enjoy by joining the association and other benefits which one can access are press releases,newsletters, hegde fund related articles and recent headlines about the hedge funds.

The Hedge Fund Group (HFG) is a network of over 25,000 hedge fund industry professionals who actively network, partner, and refer resources and leads to each other. Everyone who joins this group does so with the intention and in the spirit of freely helping others with no expectation of anything in return.

The Hedge Fund Group (HFG) is the fastest growing hedge fund organization in the industry with members from over 60 countries and every major hedge fund city hub.They also run a certification program which helps people to know about the know hows of the hedge industry.

CHA Designation is a professional certification program catering to professionals in the hedge fund industry. The CHA Designation is the only certification program designed exclusively for those professionals who work in the hedge fund industry or for wealth management and service providers who would like to better understand and serve hedge funds as clients

For more information about the hedge fund association click here

JP Morgan Fund Administration Services

July 10th, 2009

Our team has come up with an article on the fund administration services provided by JP Morgan.It provides a wide range of services for fund administration such as fund accounting, financial reporting, transfer agency, patnership allocations and custody services to over $10bn of assets in portfolio managed by financial risk management.

JPMorgan Hedge Fund Services will provide fund accounting, financial reporting, transfer agency, partnership allocations and custody services to over $10bn of assets in portfolios managed by FRM.

Part of JPMorgan Hedge Fund Services’ growth strategy is to build on its success providing custody and related services to hedge funds and traditional asset management firms by increasing its focus on serving the funds of hedge funds industry. As part of this commitment, JPMorgan has developed compatible and highly automated administrative and custodial products specifically to serve funds of hedge funds, which are being used by FRM, a leading global player in the market.

Robert Caporale, global head of JPMorgan Hedge Fund Services, said: “FRM’s history of leadership, investment performance and innovation in the fund of hedge funds market makes them an ideal partner for us. We are delighted that JPMorgan has been chosen to provide this service.”

JPMorgan Hedge Fund Services (HFS) offers hedge funds and funds of hedge funds independent fund administration, custody and middle- and back-office services, as well as full outsourcing for day-to-day fund administration. JPMorgan HFS provides services globally to more than 240 funds representing approximately $75 billion in assets under management. Services are provided globally via a network of specialized offices in Bermuda, Boston, Dublin, Greenwich, Hong Kong, London and Luxembourg.

To read more about JP Morgan Fund Administration please click here

Augentius Fund Administration LLP

July 9th, 2009

Our team has come up with an article about Augentius Fund Administration and one can learn about what Augentius is all about, what kind of services they offer, their client base and their presence around the globe.They offer wide range of services to the clients and bankers which makes it’s presence felt all around the globe.

Augentius Fund Administration LLP provides fund administration services to private equity and property fund sectors. Its services for private equity and property funds include assistance on fund establishment and comment on legal documentation; customer and anti-money-laundering checks; corporate governance; generation and distribution of various call letters, and monitoring for receipt of cash; payment of various expenses; maintenance of various accounting/financial records; collection and reporting of data from portfolio companies; and production of quarterly reports for LPs.

The company’s services also include the preparation of annual accounts, management of audit process, and production of annual financial statements, as well as production of data for tax reporting. In addition, its services for GPs include assistance in selection of bankers, and payroll and service providers; reconciliation of bank accounts; regular financial reporting; participation in budgetary and cash-flow process; preparation of VAT returns; and operation of client money accounts. The company has clients in the Middle East, the Russian Federation, Hong Kong, and the Nordic region.

Augentius Fund Administration LLP was formerly known as Ansbacher Fund Services. The company was founded in 2006 and is based in London, the United Kingdom with additional offices in London and Guernsey.

To know more about Augentius Fund Administration please click here

Private Equity Resource

July 6th, 2009

If you are looking to learn more about Private Equity as an investment, career or for prospects for your small business please refer to This is a blog ran by the H Media Group and it contains over 500 unique articles, videos, interviews, book reviews and Q & A pieces on private equity. Here are links to their top 50 resources:

  1. Private Equity Jobs and Careers
  2. Private Equity Videos
  3. Alternative Investment Jobs
  4. Private Equity Tracker Tool
  5. Service Providers
  6. Private Equity Book
  7. Private Equity Associate
  8. Private Equity Industry
  9. Private Equity Directory Listings
  10. Hedge Fund List
  11. Private Equity and Hedge Funds
  12. Private Equity MBA
  13. Private Equity Real Estate List
  14. Private Equity Conference
  15. Private Equity Real Estate
  16. Private Equity Forum
  17. Access Archives
  18. Resume writing
  19. Private equity partner
  20. Venture Capital Associate
  21. Private Equity Positions
  22. Private Equity Job Database
  23. 3i Group PLC
  24. Admiral Capital Group
  25. Apollo Management
  26. AXA Private Equity
  27. Baring Private Equity
  28. The Carlyle Group
  29. Goldman Sachs Capital Partners
  30. Leonard Green & Partners
  31. KKR Private Equity
  32. The Future of Venture Capital
  33. Private Equity in Africa
  34. Angel Investing Video Part 1
  35. Angel Investing Video Part 2
  36. Angel Investing Video Part 3
  37. Private Equity in China
  38. Venture Capital Bloggers Video
  39. Raising Venture Capital Video
  40. Private Equity Boom
  41. Private Equity Real Estate Video
  42. Middle East World Economic Forum Discussing Private Equity 2007
  43. General Partner Fees
  44. Independent Directors for Private Equity Funds
  45. Private Equity in Brazil
  46. Private Equity Activity 2009
  47. FDIC Private Equity
  48. Mechanical Trading Systems by Richard Weissman
  49. Sri Lanka Investments
  50. Michael Jackson Private Equity

Fund of Funds List

July 5th, 2009

Hedge Fund of Funds List in Excel

hedge fund of funds directory

Part of our team runs the largest hedge fund networking association in the industry and they have just finished updating a new version of our Fund of Funds Directory.  This resource was created after our team received dozens of emails from industry professionals looking for lists of fund of funds, digital fund of fund databases, and excel-based hedge fund of fund directories.

This Fund of Funds Directory is Excel-based and provides full contact details of private equity firms including the following information:

  • Contact names
  • Job titles
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • Physical addresses
  • Website URLs.

If you are interested in learning more about this resource, getting a sample of our fund of funds list or contacting the creators please see Fund of Funds You may also navigate this same site by following one of the links below:

This list of fund of funds contact details is updated twice a year and when you purchase a copy of it you will get free updates to it for a period of 12 months after your purchase.

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